ArmyBot Tester Walkthrough Tutorial

Download our testing tool .

Testing Tool Windows 32bit
Testing Tool Windows 64 bit

What does the tool do? Have you ever wondered whether you website works on traffic exchange? Maybe one tiny setting is wrong and you don’t know? Or maybe you want to experiment with different settings before putting your website on the traffic exchange.?

Well this tool helps you simulate everything on you computer .Find the right setting the finally put your website on the Traffic Exchange without wasting minutes experimenting. Getting it right has never been easier.


Go to the settings page.

When you move your mouse in the browser the mouse coordinates are shown.They will help in getting the proper settings  for the mouse clicker.

Enter your website details in the settings.Then click Simulate Visit when you are done.

For Maximum and Minimums use whole numbers.

47 thoughts on “ArmyBot Tester Walkthrough Tutorial”

  1. Dear sirs: i thought i would put a link or banner in my blog about your company service .i thought i should make simple propaganda for you and you would boost my url. Your system is so difficult.

  2. after make setting in ArmyBotTester and sure about it work in Simulate Visit , what will i do ? , how ADD this SCRIPT in site ?

    1. Not really sure I understand your question,but here is a bit of detail:
      The tester is used to get settings for you to put on our site, nothing else.
      Once you get the settings from our tester just copy them manually to our site.
      To get the mouse click settings just have Mouse enabled and move the mouse around, it will show you the coordinates, like in the above tutorial.

  3. make browser plugin instead of windows tool. who in the world uses tool, extension, addons is the way to go,its 2017 guys

  4. Hi,
    Well you could easily achieve via browser addon-injection technique. I wont name other / similar website like armybot but they been using extension since day one.

    trust me, just put an beta version, it will sky rocket your website. I assure, i would make quality article about armybot on my blog with others’s already present.

    Why i tell you because i see this as new emerging website. You need to flow with the wnd.

    Just put out an beta version extension for chrome or firefox [chrome preferred as it got lots of API functionalities]

    any dates?

  5. also add an option to viewer client [windows] to hide the videwer and run in background – silently. also add windows autostart feature.

    1. Currently its somewhat impossible implement the requested features, the framework we use doesn’t support hiding the browser windows, most of the frameworks that do support hiding lack a lot of core features that we provide here at, so you may have to wait *a bit for its implementation.

  6. ياريت ياجماعة لو الموقع ده مصري زي ما أليكسا بيقول تفهمونا بالعربي اخلي البوت يتخطى اختصار الروابط ازاي انا زهقت مت كتر المحاولات

  7. The makers of this website developing a website that the common man that needs it can not manage. It is a white elephant project, complete wast of time.

    1. Hi
      The tester is only for getting your website settings. In other words its for finding out how your website will appear in the viewer.

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