Get traffic to you website for free

Hi, Do you have website, blog , PTC , Youtube Chanel you would like to get traffic to. We all have been there staring at 0 on our traffic counters.

Well fear no more is a great solution to help you get traffic to your websites.

How does it work ?

We  provide a platform where users view other people’s website and you view theirs. This is done automatically on autopilot you might say.

Its really simple. Just follow the steps below and be on your way to more traffic.

  1. Sign Up here.
  2. Add you website here
  3. Download Our software here
  4. And enjoy traffic to your website

Our website include cool features such as a mouse clicker. It can click on buttons or whatever you like , a JavaScript Injector to automate user tasks easily.




10 thoughts on “Get traffic to you website for free”

  1. Hello
      I signed up for ArmyBoot at the beginning I got the minutes but later the program gives me the minutes but when I enter my account I find it empty
      Please help me

    1. You can watch on youtube about DOM manipulation to understand how to click on things etc.
      A bit of JavaScript Knowledge is required.

  2. Hi, why My with Traffic Comander level. I use it to boost traffic to my youtube views, but the analytics google doesn’t show any views from armybot. Why?

  3. The armybot viewer had been incredibly awesome until some retarded users decided to add their website(s) for auto-download… Such website stops the stream and requires me to manually cancel the download before it continues viewing…
    It’s not looking good at-all…
    Admin please intervene!

    1. Hi, we have fixed the download bug, please download our latest view 2.0.1.
      Also to compensate for the above you can now use our promocode ARMY30 for 30% discount on all purchases, though the offer is for a
      limited time.

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