Main FAQ

Are there free trials or promotions?

Yes. We will notify you whenever they are available.Especially during festive seasons.

How do I add a website?

Check out our getting started guide

How many viewers can I run?

You can run unlimited number of viewers as long as they are not on the same IP address. If they are on the same IP address you will not earn any minutes.

How to to reach us?

Just mail us on our email at [email protected]

Is there a better traffic exchange out there?

No. 😉

46 thoughts on “FAQ(s)”

    1. I’ve been trying to deposit in your website for a long time, But my debit card has been showing decile repeatedly. How do I deposit now? Have any other method is there? If there is any arrangement, then tell via sms. There is balance in my PayPal account, can I Deposit money to your website without debit card from there?

  1. I participated in the site and collected about 420 minutes in the program but the minutes do not appear on the site
    Appear in the bot only and when you exit the program and return back the minutes zero
    What is the solution

  2. i use this appliction some time
    u can’t use it in aws server becz this app take 100% cpu

    i think u hide miner inside it xD

  3. Hi,

    The dashboard is a bit complicated, where to see that what I’ve earned today, how many hits I had on my website and what is my remaining credits/mins/hits?

    All numbers are general and contain whole data since my registration.

    Maybe I miss something, please direct me.


          1. it’s earned minutes not remaining. it’s confusing you should make some improvements to it.

            “Today earned” is 300 minutes, for example, ok I got it. How many minutes I’ve spent? there is a “hit” indicator which includes whole data, not daily. Also, I can’t measure my remaining minutes with checking hit number since 1 hit may be X seconds.

            Best practice would be;
            Minutes earned today: 316
            Minutes used today: 16
            Minutes remaining: 300

          2. Thank you for your feedback. You can view the minutes you earned on the Account Page, The is a chart showing how many minutes you earned.

  4. please add a option of keywords
    where we can add best keywords for traffic on added website
    so it will help to rank website faster

    1. Hi.
      We don’t offer any gurantees since google frequently change their algorithms.
      But for now, none of our users have complained. So we advise you to give it a try, but at your own risk.

    1. Hi,
      You can trigger as many click as you want using Javascript Injection
      But you can’t trigger more clicks using the mouse clicker function

      1. please, can you give me the javascript code that would trigger a mouse on main tab then another click on popup tab and work in armybot because the codes I’ve tried didn’t work on it.

        1. We currently do not support clicks on the popup tabs,
          but to click on the main tab

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