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Hi, Do you have website, blog , PTC , Youtube Chanel you would like to get traffic to. We all have been there staring at 0 on our traffic counters.

Well fear no more is a great solution to help you get traffic to your websites.

How does it work ?

We  provide a platform where users view other people’s website and you view theirs. This is done automatically on autopilot you might say.

Its really simple. Just follow the steps below and be on your way to more traffic.

  1. Sign Up here.
  2. Add you website here
  3. Download Our software here
  4. And enjoy traffic to your website

Our website include cool features such as a mouse clicker. It can click on buttons or whatever you like , a JavaScript Injector to automate user tasks easily.




ArmyBot Tester Walkthrough Tutorial

Download our testing tool .

Testing Tool Windows 32bit
Testing Tool Windows 64 bit

What does the tool do? Have you ever wondered whether you website works on traffic exchange? Maybe one tiny setting is wrong and you don’t know? Or maybe you want to experiment with different settings before putting your website on the traffic exchange.?

Well this tool helps you simulate everything on you computer .Find the right setting the finally put your website on the Traffic Exchange without wasting minutes experimenting. Getting it right has never been easier.


Go to the settings page.

When you move your mouse in the browser the mouse coordinates are shown.They will help in getting the proper settings  for the mouse clicker.

Enter your website details in the settings.Then click Simulate Visit when you are done.

For Maximum and Minimums use whole numbers.

Getting Started : All you need to know

How do Traffic Exchanges work.

Quite simple: you view people’s websites and they view yours.

How is Amrybot different from other Traffic Exchanges? Well we provide all the best features in one place. Such as

JavaScript Injection : This allows you to automate everything, and I mean everything from clicking buttons, typing text,filling form mouse movement etc.

Mouse Clicking functionality : This allows you to easily setup clicking points where a click will be triggered when you website is loaded on the viewer on our network. It works by triggering a click event where you want and when you want or even randomly if you want.

Referer Capabilities : You can change the referer and disguise the previous website that led to your website.This is quite common in most Traffic Exchanges so we wont bother you with the details.

Geolocation : You can blacklist or whitelist geographical areas that you don’t want traffic from or want traffic from respectively.

User Agent Customization : By default our viewer randomly selects a User Agent every time it loads a website using an algorithm that frequently picks PC user agents over mobile user agents.User also have the ability to lock the user agents to only use one type of user agents such as PC only or Mobile only.

Now lets start by adding our first website.

Got to addsite

The visit duration is chosen randomly, within the limits.

The above is our mouse clicker feature. To understand anchor point lets first understand mouse X and mouse Y.They are the pixels within the browser.Consider this website below.

We want to click the Skip Ad button for some reason.That button is a rectangular shape.It has 4 sides…. lol .So on my web browser this is its location from the Top left .(counting pixels from the extreme left of my browser) {px means pixels}

  • Left edge of button: 1700 px
  • Right edge of button : 1900 px
  • Top edge of button : 10 px
  • Bottom edge of button : 40 px

Now if we were to add this website the settings would be

Mouse X : 1700 – 1900 px

Mouse Y : 10 – 40 px

But the problem with this not all viewers are the same size hence the mouse X will be inaccurate.The mouse Y will be fine since this type of button is always the same distance from the Top Right on all browser types and sizes.

We can solve this by changing the anchor point from Top Left  to Top Right .The coordinates change as shown counting from the Top Right.

  • Left edge of button: 220 px
  • Right edge of button : 20 px
  • Top edge of button : 10 px
  • Bottom edge of button : 40 px

Now if we were to add this website the settings would be

Mouse X : 20 – 220 px

Mouse Y : 10 – 40 px

Now it will work for all viewers. Why didnt we make the viewers all the same size. Well because we wanted a random element in the viewer sizes imitating real life where website visitors all have varying sizes of  browsers. (Size of browser is determined by its window size)

To avoid all this pixels and math you can just use Javascript injection to automate the click. I want go into details but if you know Javascript you probably know what to do. Clue below.

Just select the element and invoke the click event.

The rest of the options are just self explanatory.Just hit that submit button and you are done.

Your website will be added to the network. You must have some minutes for your website to be viewed.That’s all.

How to earn minutes.

*some feature might not be available until you upgrade.